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"Viagra" - this is the first appearing drug to treat erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction - a condition in which the reduced quality of erections in men (usually after 40 years), and therefore it becomes impossible to sexual intercourse. This state is also called impotence ->> cheap Viagra online.

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"Viagra" for men acting on the vessels of the cavernous body of the penis. It causes relaxation of vascular wall expands their lumen and thus increases blood flow in them. This leads to the improvement and extension of an erection (the same effect is pursued, and when using the drug "generic Nizagara").

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  • Purchase Generic Viagra contains components such as citrulline, beta carotene, an antioxidant litsopen. These substances contain watermelon (ripe), strawberry and lemon. In addition watermelon, after ingestion of and interaction with the gastric juice releases arginine (amino acid). Here it is the most complex substances relaxing the blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation rapidly.
  • Of course, the effect of the cocktail juice with pulp of watermelon, strawberry and lemon will be weaker than the impact of net medical Viagra. But, at the same time a person uses natural juices, which will undoubtedly go in his favor, while any medicine has side effect, albeit slight - Buy cheap Viagra 100 mg no prescription!

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